June 18, 2024
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A New TAXI Movie is Set to Arrive This Year and it’s Going to be Awesome

A New TAXI Movie is Set to Arrive This Year and it's Going to be Awesome

The TAXI movie series has definitely made us laugh quite a lot of times. With this being the fifth installment, the adventure seems to continue as the action is yet again centered on the famous custom white Peugeot taxi. The movie promises speed, action and a ton of funny situations. All that remains to be seen is if this movie will improve on the formula we’ve already come to know.

While most movies bring out famous stars and personalities, this particular movie while also doing this, seems to bring to our attention the results of the French automotive industry, more precisely the famous car that seems to be driving this series forward, the white Peugeot. It is true that the series decided the change the original 406 model with the more recent 407 for the 2007 movie and seems to have been also kept for this one.

The story still seems to be happening in Marseille, only this time the driver behind the Peugeot 407 is no longer a simple taxi driver. He is a police officer that’s been charged with the finding of a gang of Italian robbers driving Ferraris. Being a comedy at heart, it’s funny not to laugh at how the Peugeot 407, even in its heavily modified form, seems to keep up with Ferrari’s models present in the movie. The movie does have a special vibe to it. It is after all a French comedy, and a good one at that.

A trailer has already been made available. It details a little bit of the story which seems fun and captivating. Regarding the actors, some will make their appearance for the first time in the series, while others will reappear from the older movies in the series. The movie is produced by Luc Besson while being directed by Franck Gastambide. It remains to b seen how all the actors work together in order to offer the viewers the product most of them are expecting, especially those that have following the series from its start.

In case you are looking for a movie this year that is center on the automotive culture and would like to have a good laugh, as well, the fifth installment of the French movie TAXI is the movie for you. Funny and full of action, this particular movie will probably live up to the expectations of all fans of the series.

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