June 17, 2024
Nissan Tuning

Nissan GT-R by Original Runduce

This should be one of the most powerful tunings for Nissan GT-R helped by the light accessories. When I looked first time at the photos with this tuning for Nissan GT-R by Original Runduce, I saw nothing but the second time I noticed the big amount of carbon fiber from this car so now you should realize why is it so powerful.

It’s very amazing that now this Nissan GT-R by Original Runduce tuning can develop up to 600 horsepower so it will be like an airplane engine, think about it, what you would feel while driving or just accelerating this car.

You should know that the Original Runduce are original from Japan so this should be a high quality car because as far as I know, the Japanese people are very good at building and designing anything. Also, this Nissan GT-R by Original Runduce is looking very good with this color of the carbon fiber.

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