May 30, 2024
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Nissan New Mobility electric concept gets revealed

Nissan decided to reveal the New Mobility concept, an electric vehicle with 2 seats able to provide great handling and zero emissions. The Japanese manufacturer called it a vehicle for sustainable zero-emission society, a vehicle providing an alternative for the the small petrol cars and also a corporate car.

Nissan New Mobility Concept
Nissan New Mobility Concept

Nissan also claimed that the New Mobility concept comes with four key features such as Innovative, Easy, Safe and Clean. The Japanese manufacturer also advises this EV model for public transportantion telling us again that the New Mobility EV concept provides an excelent handling, comparing it with a motorbike but outlining the increased safety, indeed.

Nissan New Mobility Concept
Nissan New Mobility Concept

The Japanese people from Nissan are keeping secret for now the further details of the New Mobility concept, details such as the launching date and place, the prices, the electric engines that will be found under the hood and other “green” features of this innovative EV concept.

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