May 20, 2024

Nissan prepares Townpod electric concept

The Japanese people from Nissan revealed through a press release issued yesterday their plans and models that will be present at the Paris Auto Show. Together with the new Nissan X-Trail, Micra, Juke and Leaf, the manufacturer announced a new electric-vechicle concept set to be introduced at Paris.

Nissan Townpod electric vehicle
Nissan Townpod electric vehicle

There are not many details available for the new electric concept from Nissan. We know that the concept is called Townpod and is a full electric model. The Japanese manufacturer promises an “eye-catching design with a spacious and practical interior” and, according with the photo revealed in this regard, we can admit that the electric Townpod concept has a new design phylosophy.

Meanwhile, Nissan released a commercial for their electric model, Nissan Leaf, also announced to be present at the Paris Auto Show. The Japanese created a thoughtful commercial showing how the glaciers are melting and how important is to take care of our planet and start using electric vehicles. Here is the ad:

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