June 18, 2024
Citroen Tuning

Kenzo fashion house revealing Citroen DS3 visual kit

We usually say “the tuning house…”, well, this time a fashion house, more exactly the Japanese fashion company Kenzo managed to create a stylish aesthetic kit for the French model, this visual kit being expected for the Paris Auto Show in the coming weeks.

Kenzo Citroen DS3 expected at Paris
Kenzo Citroen DS3 expected at Paris

Actually it isn’t the first time when the DS3 received an aesthetic kit from a fashion house. If you remember, Yves Saint-Laurent prepared the DS3 and brought some visual improvements.

The Kenzo Citroen DS3 comes with a pretty retro look, the fashion house using a pattern for the roof but also did some changes for the interior, applying the retro pattern for the seats. However, the Japanese fashion house claimed that the model is unique and there aren’t any chances for this stylish visual kit to be found on any Citroen DS3. Shortly, the Kenzo Citroen DS3 won’t enter any series production, so, we can admire just the photos.

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