Nissan Qazana

Nissan Qazana

I have to tell you that this is way a very weird car because when you look for the first time at this car you don’t know what to think: is it a sedan, a limousine, a 4×4 car or even a SUV? (at last this is what I asked myself when I saw for the first time pictures with this car).

Anyway, not taking in consideration the previously mentioned self-addressed questions, I have to tell you that I like pretty much this car talking only about the design or the shape of it. One thing is sure talking about this car namely that I have never seen such a car before.

This new Nissan Qazana may be part of the future generation of cars that I kept talking about you when I see such type of cars because we must expect that the future cars to be looking weird to us in the present.

Nissan QazanaNissan QazanaNissan Qazana

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