June 14, 2024
Pagani Supercars

Pagani Zonda F should be given a five-star safety rating

Most probably after reading the title you saw the image where you can see a pretty damaged Pagani Zonda F. Well, a 28-year-old German driver running on the A10 highway in Italy managed to get unhurt from this accident together with the passanger sitting on the right.

Pagani Zonda F accident
Pagani Zonda F accident

Here comes the surprising part because this accident happened at the impressive speed of 320 km/h but the driver together with its passenger suffered no injuries due to the multiple safety systems on the highway but also thanks to the safety provided by the $1.5 million Italian supercar.

Pagani Zonda F accident
Pagani Zonda F accident

That’s not the first time when the German driver was caught running at very high speeds, recently, he was running on a highway with about the same speed but that time behind the steering wheel of a Lamborghini Gallardo. In this incident he also hit a Mercedes which ended up in the side guardrail same as the Italian supercar.

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