April 25, 2024
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Peugeot Concept 5 At Geneva Auto Show 2010

Looks like Peugeot has a project on the run, they are working at a new car, I’m talking about the Peugeot Concept 5 which by the way will be presented at Geneva Auto Show 2010. This future model of Peugeot Concept 5, or Peugeot 5 how they already used to call it, will substitute the models 607 and 407.

As you can see we have here the first official photos with Peugeot Concept 5, he comes with a good aerodynamic shape, the design is not unusual or different, is specific Peugeot, but with a little futuristic style. I also admire at Peugeot 5 those smooth edges and I like that they paid extra attention at small details.

This Peugeot Concept 5 looks almost like the series version, and that’s a clue which tells us that the series model is not very far. Peugeot Concept 5 measures 4.86 meters length, has a width of 1.8 meters and a wheelbase at 2.80 meters, those numbers make the Peugeot 5 comparable with Opel Insignia. The base engine will have 2.0 liter capacity at 163 horsepower and the electrical unit will bring an additional 37 horsepower.

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