April 24, 2024
Concept Cars Lamborghini Supercars

Photos and a preview of Lamborghini Conquisto SUV Concept

I must admit that I would never thought of such a car. I mean think about it, SUV and Lamborghini? It doesn’t feats at all and I will try to explain you why but I might not be so accurate. Anyway, the SUV cars are massive and they are built to go on off roads while Lamborghini is a ‘cute’ car and it hates the off roads.

Anyway, this still remains a unique idea because I would never think about such a concept. The single concept that I would think about would be a pick up Lamborghini but I don’t know why I think like this.

Anyway, I have to tell you that my opinion about this concept is that it is pretty ugly. I know that the designer took a Lamborghini and tried to make it a SUV but it doesn’t look good at all. The single details that I know about this Lamborghini Conquisto SUV Concept is that it has 2 doors and it is rear engine.

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