July 19, 2024

Photos and details about Mercedes E50 Coupe tuned by Kicherer

If we’re talking about the best designs built buy a big auto maker, then we’re talking about Mercedes Benz or at last if we’re talking about what I like. And if you want something better than the cars built by Mercedes Benz, then we’re talking about the tuned versions of this car.

This Mercedes E50 Coupe by Kicherer comes with a software update and also a sport exhaust system. Under the hood there is the same V8 engine but now it has a power upgraded with 42 horsepower and also a torque of 20 Nm.

Here it comes quite a big difference namely that the original model or also known as Mercedes Benz E50 Coupe, was able to reach a top speed of “only” 155 Mph so after this upgrade it can reach up to 205 Mph. Also, this Mercedes E50 Coupe by Kicherer comes with light carbon components and 20 inch wheels.

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