April 22, 2024
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Pirelli might quit the Formula 1 after several disputes


The 2014 season of the Formula 1 might need to get a new tire supplier, as Pirelli has a high chance of stepping down from this responsibility.

This rumor comes after several disputes and criticism brought by both media and F1 team members.


Alan Permane, a Lotus engineer claims that “It’s unusual to take the same tires to Hungary as to Bahrain and Silverstone. It absolutely doesn’t make sense — they’re too hard for that track.”

But not all voices are so upset. Force India driver, Adrian Sutil, says that “a lot of people are complaining, but I’m not, really, because it’s a challenge that’s the same for everyone. We all have the same tires.”

There are also a lot of neutral opinions, too, but overall, it seems that general attitude is to bash Pirelli and their products. Their reaction to this might be even leaving the Formula 1, if the mood doesn’t change. “An easy reaction would be to say ‘this is madness, get out,’ but we are a company that likes to provide solutions.”

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