June 19, 2024
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3 Most Popular Semi Truck Accessories for Summer

Keep your truck cool and comfortable as the summer heats up. Whether you’re just preparing to hit the road in your semi truck or you’ve been driving your rig for years, find out how you can get the most out of your truck this summer with popular accessories. From popular brands and options like Peterbilt seat covers to LED lights and window screens, prepare to cool down and drive comfortably.

Window Covers

Your truck cab heats up quickly in the summer. After a long day’s drive, there’s nothing worse than sitting in a sweltering cab. Reflect heat and protect your cab with premium window covers. not only offer insulation, they also provide privacy and darkness when you need it. Whether you’ve driven through the night and need to sleep or you just need a quick nap at a rest stop, enjoy full privacy in your semi truck cab with these dynamic window covers.

Select covers that fit your exact windows and offer the level of protection you need. From half shades designed to protect you while driving to full covers for all your windows, you’ll find a range of options available for any sun-related issue you’re facing this summer. Some shields are designed for privacy, while others provide the heat reflection you need to keep cool and save on air conditioning costs. Choose premium brands for both privacy and protection in one easy-to-use cover.

Seat Covers

A seat cover is a and reduce time spent cleaning your cab this summer. Keep your seat comfortable by upgrading to a leather seat cover and premium gel cushion. Whether you take short regional hops or long-haul trips across the country, you deserve a comfortable seat.

After a long day’s drive, enjoy easy cleanup with removable seat cushions. Whether you spill a drink, your seat collects crumbs or the heat of summer makes it necessary for a fresh, new cover, enjoy easy removal and quick cleaning with the perfect cover for your seat.

Marker Lights

Not only does your semi truck’s exterior require marker lights, there are many other places that are convenient to add additional lighting. Keep the outline of your vehicle visible and increase safety while you’re on the road. Although summer means more light and fewer weather-related accidents, it’s still important to stay safe and keep your truck visible.

LED lights can also be used to light up your interior. From high-visibility strips on your stairs to comfortable reading lights as you wind down at the end of the day, shop for all the right colors, sizes and uses for marker lights and LED lights inside and outside your semi truck.

Once you’ve found all the best gear, it’s time to hit the road. Enjoy the fresh breeze and smooth roads this summer as you haul your semi truck across the country. Shop online today to have the best seat covers, window covers and delivered to your location. Customize your truck and prepare for a memorable summer of comfortable driving.

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