May 30, 2024
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Possible Challenges in a Trucking Accident Settlement and Ways to Handle Them

You may be entitled to compensation if you’ve been harmed in a trucking accident. However, it can be more challenging to recover enough damages to pay for your injuries. It’s partly because determining liability in trucking accidents is quite complicated.

But despite the presenting challenges in most trucking accident cases, many can secure a favorable settlement or win their case in court. Thus, we’ve highlighted some challenges you’ll likely encounter if you go through a trucking accident settlement and helpful ways to handle them.

Liability Issues

Holding an accurate party liable for the damages or injuries is necessary to acquire the proper compensation in an accident. However, determining who’s at fault is one of the critical issues in a truck accident case.

Unlike car accidents involving two regular passenger cars, there are multiple parties in truck accidents. They may include the driver, manufacturer, trucking company, retailer, and maintenance staff of the vehicle. Though the driver may be directly accountable in some situations, there may be instances where other parties are at fault.

If you or a loved one is the injured victim of a truck accident, you need to find a lawyer who can aggressively protect your rights by holding the correct party liable for your injuries. For instance, if you get involved in a truck accident somewhere in California, you can get legal help from the experienced lawyer that is most convenient to you.

If you’re closer to San Diego, you can consult with one of the . But if Los Angeles or other places are nearer to you, it’s best to ask one of their truck accident lawyers to represent your case.

Trucking Companies’ Tactics

Trucking companies are usually part of large corporations, and they have a lot of money to hire experts and legal teams. They can be held liable, especially when there’s enough proof of their negligence that caused a severe crash. They can also blame you and reduce their liability.

is their usual defense of choice. Lawyers of these trucking companies will claim that the driver of the smaller vehicle is traveling in the blind spot. Thus, it is essential to have an experienced trucking lawyer right after an accident.

Insurance Companies’ Low Settlement Offer

Insurance companies are considered for-profit corporations, and they’re not working for your best interest. If they can get away with paying you less than you deserve, they will work on it.

Most often, they will take advantage of the . Because these victims are injured, going through emotional pain, or losing their income and needing money to pay for medical bills, insurance companies may attempt to offer low settlements.

As the injured victims, you can deny such a low settlement offer, especially if it’s not in line with the .


Settlement in a trucking accident can be tough, especially since there are multiple parties involved. Thus, you need to get an experienced truck accident lawyer if you want to be adequately compensated for the injuries you’ve incurred.

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