April 13, 2024
Ducati Motorcycles

Revised Ducati Diavel will make an appearance soon


In my honest opinion, the Diavel has to be the best Ducati model out there, and even a top 10 bike overall.

A recent report has leaked about the Diavel from the model’s forums, which indicates that a revised version of the bike will soon surface on the internet.


As soon as next week we should be able to see exactly what Ducati has planned for the Diavel, but most educated guesses and leaked information point towards smaller turn signals, reworked air intakes and headlight and even a few more wheel designs are rumored to be thrown in.

Some tweaking will also occur on the exhaust and even the engine will receive a re-tune. The result of this meddling will make the 2015 Ducati Diavel not only more poised, but also more comfortable for the rider. Now we just have to wait until Ducati throws us a bone and uploads some pictures of the new beast.

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