May 30, 2024

Rumor regarding the next BMW M3 sedan

BMW M3 Sedan

Not that long ago, the Germans over at BMW made a public announcement in which they said they are going to be killing off the sedan version of the BMW M3.

BMW M3 Sedan
BMW M3 Sedan

In recent times however, we’ve gotten word of a rumor that could be listed as a follow up to that statement.

Though unsure of where this originated from, people have started to believe that BMW will still offer a four door version of the infamous M3. So this raises the following question:

If the next generation of the BMW M3 four door is not going to be a sedan what could it be?

Most claim that the next version of the M3 to have four doors could be a vehicle shaped similarly to the BMW 5 Series GT. Could this happen? Could the next BMW M3 non coupe be a pseudo hatchback?

Looking at a BMW lineup that offers the X6, the 5 Series GT and, more recently, the X4 one would definitely think so but I’d rather wait for some confirmation before accepting such a tragic thought.

I consider this a tragic thought because I want BMW to offer a small, luxury four door that offers a great deal of performance while looking dignified. If the next M3 four door would be the BMW M3 GT I’d be looking at it and think it’s a competitor of the cheaper and less impressive Golf GTI and such.

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