April 22, 2024

Shineray bike maker to build plant in Brazil

Shineray Bike

Recently, most brand expansions seem to revolve around opening new plants in China, hoping to grab as big a piece of pie as possible.

Yet, for a nice change of pace, Chinese bike maker Shineray decided to take its business across the seas.

Shineray Bike
Shineray Bike

They are planning to open a plant in Brazil, the first one in South America, a move that is quite laudable. As most people know, Chinese manufactured products tend to sell quite cheaply, even as imports. But with a local plant, Shineray will be able to provide an ever more competitive product, while also making more money.

Construction will start in March, with production start date not yet known, but the plan is for an annual volume of 150.000 units. With the high demand for small displacement bike in South America, I am guessing we will be hearing more about Shineray in the future.

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