April 24, 2024

Skoda Superb Scout Rendered Online

The newly unveiled Skoda Superb is popping-up in our news again, this time through two renderings which are showcasing it with a Scout body style.

The renderings are signed by the one and only Theophilus Chin and is trying to portrait the model with the Scout body style and even if the model will never be launched, it is a good imagery exercise to practice on.

Judging by the two renderings, the Skoda Superb Scout is coming with some distinctive body features, like the new plastic body cladding, increased ride height or underbody protection.

On the other hand, the real Skoda Superb is coming with a long wheelbase of 2,841 mm, with the front and rear tracks standing at 1,584 mm and 1,572 mm. The trunk capacity is also increased with 27 percent more than the previous model, resulting a total of 660 liter and an overall of 1,950 liters, with the rear seats being folded down.

In the UK, the Skoda Superb is settled at 19,840 GBP in the cheapest version, and can go up to 35,040 GBP in the top of the line L&K 4×4 version. Until further news, enjoy the two renderings with the Skoda Superb Scout.

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