April 25, 2024
Chevrolet Smart Tuning Videos

Smart ForTwo adopts Chevy engine

Chevrolet powered Smart ForTwo

Seeing a Smart on the road is usually not a spectacular scene, as they will just sneak through traffic without making a scene.

But not this particular Smart ForTwo, which will grab attention long before you get to actually see the car.

Chevrolet powered Smart ForTwo
Chevrolet powered Smart ForTwo

Ok, to be completely honest, this is as much a Smart as it is a Chevrolet. The owner actually took a Chevy big block V8 and fitted it to a custom frame. As luck would have it, the custom chassis was a perfect fit for a Smart ForTwo body. Apart from that, a driver’s seat and some gauges are pretty much all there is to the build.

Chevrolet powered Smart ForTwo
Chevrolet powered Smart ForTwo

Finishing the peculiar Smart, the owner then took it to the No Limit Raceway in Morocco, and tried it out a bit. So far, the owner didn’t set any records in his Chevy powered Smart, but adjusting and fine-tuning is still happening. I root for the monster in disguise, and just below I linked the video of a run. Enjoy the V8 Chevy engine roaring in a Smart ForTwo.

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  • John April 28, 2014

    Nice wheels on the Smart. It will have more stability now.

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