April 24, 2024

Special Edition BMW M6 Gold

If you would see this car in a whole another context I’m sure that you would say that this BWM M6 Gold is property of a successful business man or anyone important, but let’s leave these impressions aside and start thinking that a regular man can also have this car.

This BMW M6 Gold was ordered by an American name Mark Carson which is a member of M5Board, this special edition was dedicated to him. The exterior color is called Ontario Gold and was specially applied for this client and the interior has the “Champagne” and “Gold Brown” nuances adding an even bigger note of originality. The most special element is that rare wood called “Hawaiian Koawood” never used by the BMW until now.

It must be a very satisfying feeling to know that you have a unique car, especially this BWM M6 Gold which is a rarity indeed. This Gold edition is a pretty rather controversial matching, but you cannot judge the tastes. Any driver wants to turn heads on the street with his car, and this BWM M6 Gold through his eccentricity can do that.

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