May 25, 2024

Would You Spend £24,995 on a 152 HP Caterham Seven 310?

I have always loved sports cars, especially released by Caterham company. They have a sort of exotic feel and look, with their extremely low stance, stability and unbelievable driving capabilities.

The carmaker has soon released its latest model on the United Kingdom, the all-new Seven 310, which comes handy for a good price of £24,995 and impressive performance under the hood.

The 2017 Caterham Seven 310 takes its power from the Seven 270 version, this one benefiting from an ECU remapping and custom-built camshafts, making it more powerful than the 270. Chief Motorsport and Technical Officer at Caterham, Simon Lambert, better explains the car`s powertrain:

“When we were going through the engineering process on the race engine upgrade, we had one eye on the aftermarket, of course. But, once the re-worked car hit the road, we knew it was far too good to be marketed simply as an option. The Seven 310 was born”.

Speaking about performance, the 2017 Caterham Seven 310 comes with a good 152 horsepower, allowing a sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in an extraordinary 4.8 seconds, at a topping of 203 km/h. This makes it a little bit closer to a BMW model, and is achieved thanks to the car`s lightweight architecture and low stance, not to mention the light engine.

Besides the good power and performance figure, the 2017 Caterham Seven 310 also packs LED headlights, new lowering suspension system and optional new alloy wheels.

The good news is that the upgrade is also available for the present Caterham Seven 270 as well, the entire power kit costing £1,495. The model can be also admired in an impressive photo gallery below.

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