June 17, 2024
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Ford Focus RS Is Looking Strong in the Hands of Mountune Tuner

Like Alpine to be the hardcore version from BMW or Brabus to customize special Mercedes-Benz, so is Mountune tuner, mainly dealing with Ford aftermarket programs. And if you Google, you can find hundreds of special offerings on different models like Fiesta, Mondeo and recently the all-new Focus.

This exquisite Ford Focus RS is looking hot with the new makeover from Mountune, the company`s tuner adding a lot of cool upgrades under the hood.

The Ford Focus RS is packing new air filter, ECU remapping, new alloy crossover duct with high-performance silicone hoses, custom-built air filter, brand-new air recirculation valve and a few more with those.

With all these fine customizations, the Ford Focus RS is capable of outputting a total of 375 horsepower and 510 Nm of torque, meaning an additional 25 horsepower and 40 Nm of torque, all squeezed from the same 2.3-liter flat-four EcoBoost engine.

This allows the car to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in an impressive 4.5 seconds, at a topping of 250 km/h, which is pretty close to an M3 or M4.

As already mentioned in a previous article, tuning programs nowadays come much cheaper than they used to be two decades ago, as each aftermarket shop from the market try to offer viable solutions for different models. So, why charging someone big bucks when you can have available prices from tuners like Mountune!?! For instance, this program only costs £899 in the UK, which I think is a real bargain.

Below you can find custom-built Ford Focus RS versions by Mountune, enjoy and don’t forget to share your opinions with us!

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