May 22, 2024
McLaren Supercars

McLaren F1 GTR artcar heading for auction

The McLaren F1 is now 18 years old and yet still holds its own with various records but sometimes even a car as special and exclusive as this needs something to help it stand out. In the case of the car wearing chassis #5 things are taking the McLaren F1 to a whole new level.

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Rhys Millen vows to bring Pikes Peak record back to the family

The Millen family has a very proud history at Pikes Peak, perhaps only second to the Unser family and even at that it’s still amazing. You may remember that Rod Millen got several class records on that Colorado mountain over the years but one stood out in particular.

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Jaguar XJ220 slowly dying in Qatar

The title is as true and sad as possible; the very rare Jaguar XJ220 is left to wither in an abandoned parking lot in Qatar. This particular car has done less than 600 miles (900 kilometers) before having gotten to be in the state you can see it in the upcoming picture. The XJ220 is

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