May 27, 2024

Opel Insignia OPC plays naughty in Unlimited Edition form

Opel’s OPC version of the Insignia isn’t just your average sedan but with the Germans launching the Unlimited Edition the naughty meter is clearly off the charts now. This is because the special edition drops the whole electronic top speed limiter idea and goes all Autobahn street racer on us.

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Jeep interested in bringing diesels to the U.S.

It seems like the Fiat connection at Chrysler is starting to show more and more, especially in what Jeep has just announced. The iconic American off-road company just let us know that within the company there’s a genuine interest in offering diesel engines in the U.S.

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Next generation Chevrolet Colorado revealed

General Motors came forward with a bit of a surprise just before one of the least interesting motor shows around, the Bangkok International one. The surprise came in an early release of one of GM’s showcars over there, namely the Chevrolet Colorado pickup.

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Cadillac General Motors

Cadillac SRX Turbo’s low sales kill it off

Let’s be honest about this, even though we’ve just started a new year, the economic crisis is still shadowing us. With times like these on hand it’s inevitable that GM can’t afford to waste money. The Cadillac SRX Turbo never really sold enough cars to make it worth while so it’s now being killed off.

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