April 23, 2024
Featured Mercedes

Mercedes-AMG GT R Gets Shot Down in Berlin

Even if it will take some time until we will see it cruising the streets, the Beast of Green Hell, as they like to call it – the new Mercedes-AMG GT R – has been recently seen on Berlin streets, the model flexing its muscles for a photo session. We already know that we are

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Toyota Prius joins Berlin Police force

We all know the sort of cars that are built in Germany, just as well as we know the sort of over-powered vehicles that are part of their Autobahn police force. What most people don’t know is that Germany is really into this green and eco-stuff, with the latest announcement from their police proving it.

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2012 Volkswagen Beetle official launch just two weeks away

The car of the people is back, sort of. Volkswagen are reintroducing the Beetle as a 2012 model with all of the updates it needs to exist nowadays. Sadly, much like it happens nowadays, the remembrance of the Beetle is more of a fashion statement than it could ever be a car for the people.

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