April 24, 2024

Lotus might be interested in Bob Lutz and Tom Purves

Remember Bob Lutz and his on going long line of retirements? It may be that the last one wasn’t his last after all. According to a report from Autonews, Lotus Cars is interested in hiring the former GM Vice Chairman together with ex-CEO of Rolls Royce, Tom Purves, as advisors.

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Bob Lutz joins Transonic Combustion board of directors

Transonic Combustion is a fuel-injection systems startup company that has announced today that Bob Lutz has joined the company’s board of directors. Bob Lutz recently retired from his nine year position as vice chairman of General Motors and, according to Transonic Combustion’s spokesman, will be bringing the company’s leadership the experience of a career in

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Bob Lutz’s retirement to be permanent this time

The 1st of May 2010 is when Bob Lutz is scheduled to retire from the position he occupies at General Motors as Vice Chairman. His retirement is set to be a permanent one and is anticipated to be very hard on the man who has been in this business since 1963. Lutz has already retired

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