May 26, 2024
Porsche Tuning

The Porsche Cayenne KTC 300 From Cargraphic

The Porsche Cayenne has been subjected again to a tuning program, this time by German tuning company Cargraphic. The result was the Cayenne KTC 300, featuring a whoooping 292 hp, representing a 22 percent increase because of the special software that was used and 644 Nm of torque, that being a 17 percent increase. A

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Audi Tuning

Audi R8 by Cargraphic

The Audi R8 is an amazing car and I have to admit that when I see such a car, I turn my head over for it. This tuning has almost no modifications at the design and no modification at the engine but it is still a tuning and at the same time, a good one.

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