April 13, 2024

Volvo C30 EV to be test new charging system

The Swedish are known for their caring approach on just about everything they make. Volvo is a clear example of that. What Volvo is doing now however seems to be a little more corporate at first but is basically running around the same circles. The idea has them use their Volvo C30 EV more often

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Nissan Leaf’s charger undergoing changes

Ladies and gentlemen while they are far from perfect, electric cars are out and about, ready to buy, run, save the world and enjoy. The last two parts I’m not too sure about but there’s a more pressing issue to consider, the matter of charging. Not even the best of the EVs out there, the

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Tesla Roadster can now be charged wirelessly

Mind you, in the automotive business “now” is a relative term. Either way, at the 2011 CES technology trade show, the chaps from a company called Fulton Innovation had something pretty interesting to show us. They’ve developed a wireless charging method for the Tesla roadster and they’ve come to Las Vegas show with high hopes

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