May 22, 2024

Nissan Leaf gets cheaper, a lot cheaper

As anybody talking about the nature of Formula 1 or supercars will tell you, technology is expensive. Unfortunately this also translates into EVs. Since the bits that make up these exquisitely green and desirable machines for the eco-minded are quite pricey when it comes to ownership. Even the Nissan Leaf, a car built as a

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2012 Toyota Camry – pricing and details

We managed to sneak a peak a while ago thanks to a Canadian magazine but now its time, the moment literally some people have been waiting for, the unveiling of the 2012 Toyota Camry. As you’d imagine, the added quality of the photos brings along some new details on both interior and exterior appearance but

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Mercedes aims the new A Class at younger audience

Mercedes used the weekend well, they thought about what to do with the future version of the A Class, and as a result we now have quite a bit of information on it. Using the Mercedes-Benz Concept A Study we can clearly preview the appearance of this next generation but looks don’t tell the whole

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Mitsubishi will be cutting the price of the i-Miev

The economic climate may be recovering, slowly for most, rapidly for some but it’s effects haven’t worn off the population. In order to please the market which is getting an ever growing taste for electric vehicles but isn’t yet ready to let go of the price cuts, incentives and so on Mitsubishi have announced that

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