May 27, 2024

MINI Cooper SD Coming from £19,450 in the UK

The fresh MINI Cooper SD will be launched in the UK starting next month as the model will be available at the base price of £19,450 and a whole lot of features. There are no details yet about the equipment that the Cooper SD will bear inside or the features concerning its powertrain, but what

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Other News

Europe to back off on the CO2 emission limits

Some time ago, Europe decided that the CO2 emission standards were a bit too permissive and said that by 2020 all car makers should cut down on them. Ever since that day, a few car makers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz argued that was close to impossible, while Volkswagen was well underway to reaching the target.

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2012 Mazda 3 gets Skyactive-G engine

At something blatantly uninteresting that’s called the Toronto International Auto Show, Mazda revealed their 2012 version of the 3 sedan which gets some facelift-like minor changes and some new engine technology. Since the styling tweaks are pretty difficult to spot the Canadians got the first real life look at the Skyactive-G engine.

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