April 13, 2024

2015 Lexus NX High-End Model Launched in Australia from 55,000 AUD

The Toyota`s subsidiary Lexus has taken its entire NX fleet to Australia, where the cheapest model will be sold for a rough 55,000 AUD, starting with October 27th. For that price, you will be getting a front-wheel layout version, while the all-wheel system will set you back for an extra 4,500 AUD. Besides the layout,

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Auto Shows Dacia

Dacia Duster Facelift, Celebrates 5 Million Units at Mioveni Plant

The French subsidiary Dacia has just come up with a Dacia Duster facelift, as it celebrates 5 million units to be manufactured so far. The Dacia Duster facelift with a black finish is the 5.000.000th unit to be built at Mioveni factory, Romania. The plant brags with 350,000 units to be built every year. The

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New Jaguar XF Anniversary Edition for Australia

Since Jaguar is in the mist of celebrating 75 years of existence as a brand (the actual company was founded about 13 years earlier) and as a treat for Australians they are launching a special edition of the XF. The special edition Aussie XF wil be, rather obvious, powered by a V8 engine.

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