May 27, 2024
Chevrolet General Motors

GM says Good Bye to Daewoo name

I remember how a few years back I started laughing at the idea of how GM were re-branding Daewoo products into Chevrolet ones. This didn’t seem to clash with the idea at General Motors and the Americans keep on hitting it home with the name change.

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Chevrolet Muscle Cars

Corvette becomes a Chevrolet once again

Yes, I am aware of the peculiar factor to be found within the title but the fact remains true. No recent Corvette bears the name anywhere on it. If you look at the Corvette badge you will still be able to spot the traditional bowtie does appear on the twin-flag badge, but that’s about all.

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General Motors

GM opens design studio in South Korea

General Motors has announced today that they will be opening a new design studio in the capital city of the Republic of Korea, Seoul. The studio will be based just out of Seoul’s Gangnam area, which is considered to be the most stylish part of Korea’s capital, quite a fitting image for a designs studio

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