April 24, 2024
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Corvette becomes a Chevrolet once again

Chevrolet Corvette badge

Yes, I am aware of the peculiar factor to be found within the title but the fact remains true. No recent Corvette bears the name anywhere on it.

Chevrolet Corvette badge
Chevrolet Corvette badge

If you look at the Corvette badge you will still be able to spot the traditional bowtie does appear on the twin-flag badge, but that’s about all.

The situation in the European market is definitely worse where Chevrolet badges are appearing on nothing other than rebadged Daewoos. Further more, there is the issue of the Corvette being sold through Cadillac dealers. Quite different a situation from the North American market where regardless of what badge it may or may not wear, the Corvette has always been sold as a Chevrolet.

That situation will be all changing now, however, as the Cruze is in a way different league when compared to its predecessors and GM will soon start selling the Camaro on the old continent as well. With these changes, the Vette will again be branded as a Chevrolet, even if it the actual word will not be seen on the anywhere on it.

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