May 25, 2024

Skoda Superb Fastback

The VW group has shown what it can do for the market of four door coupes with the Volkswagen Passat CC and the Audi A5 Sportback and now it wows us with what the German group can do for the world of these cars. I say what it can do for the world of these

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Ford Thunderbird revived as a Hardtop Roadster

In fairness, while the title may excite some, it’s not completely accurate the long line of T-Birds is pretty much done for. While this is a sketch for now, it is most likely that it will remain a sketch forever as Ford has no official plans on it.

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Audi A9 Hybrid Concept

Spanish independent designer Daniel Garcia decided to give the world his a new interpretation of BMW’s Vision Concept that’s seen from Audi’s (unofficial) perspective. Enter the Audi A9, this not only fits the category for Hybrid  and Concept but also wishes to have a Sports Sedan tag added to the name.

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