May 19, 2024

Ford still thinking about diesel models for the U.S.

The Americans from Ford are seriously thinking if they should introduce diesel models in the U.S. or not, certain reasons hindering the company to offer the U.S. customers more fuel efficient models equipped with diesel engines. To be more precise, we talk about diesel passenger cars which already are available in Europe for many years.

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Chrysler Lancia

Chrysler’s 200 to become Lancia’s newest product

I’m pretty bored about speaking my mind in regards to the Lancia situation, especially since Fiat and Chrysler are pondering a way to kill it off almost completely by swapping badges with the American products. After a somewhat delayed process, Lancia’s first just such product is expected to arrive at the Geneva Motor Show and

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Bentley Luxury Cars

Bentley Says “No, Thank You” to Diesel Engines

Even though more and more car manufacturers are planning or even offering diesel versions for their various models, there are some that don’t want to make the jump and Bentley is one of them. The car manufacturer from the United Kingdom doesn’t plan to be offering such engines, at least in the near future.

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