May 27, 2024

Toyota Camatte – poor car or great toy?

There’s no auto show currently going on but Toyota have found a novel way of unveiling a car. They’ve done so at the 2012 Tokyo Toy Show. The car unveiled there is a concept they call the Toyota Camatte. According to the company it’s a family oriented vehicle. The main purposes of the design are

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Rhys Millen vows to bring Pikes Peak record back to the family

The Millen family has a very proud history at Pikes Peak, perhaps only second to the Unser family and even at that it’s still amazing. You may remember that Rod Millen got several class records on that Colorado mountain over the years but one stood out in particular.

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Aston Martin

A buyer from the Middle East ordered 10 Aston Martin One-77 units

Despite reportedly being sold out last year we’re still unable to get hold of how many One-77 units have actually been sold so far and under the current situation we’ve just learned that a buyer from the Middle East has just placed an order for the One-77. What’s particularly curious about this order is that

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