May 26, 2024
Bentley Luxury Cars Tuning

Bentley Continental Ultrasports 702

Bentley came along in 2003 and brought out the Continental GT, a car that would borrow the engine from a Volkswagen Phaeton and add a couple of turbochargers to it. This engine was so powerful that Bentley had trouble measuring the torque output. As time passed by this car went through a few versions each

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Luxury Cars Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce Ghost by Deutsche Manufaktur

A german tuner has created an aesthetic package for Ghost Rolls-Royce EX200. The first copy created cost 450,000 euros and is for sale. Tuners from Deutsche Manufactur modified a Rolls-Royce Ghost, whom they called Numero Uno. The model is for sale against payment of 450,000 euros on a portal for auctions. Those from Deutsche Manufacture

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