May 27, 2024
Infiniti Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi to rebrand the Infiniti M in Japan

The Japanese at Mitsubishi aren’t exactly known for having a great lineup of cars and, for a few years now, even a complete one that at least covers the basics. After a few talks with Nissan started not that long in the past, it seems that Mitsubishi are climbing their way back into contention on

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Ferrari Tuning

Ferrari California heads for Japan in limited edition form

The Japanese Domestic Market is one of the most important in the world, features lots of cars that are only available on it and that are very, very good. However, because the JDM market tends to be exclusive and limiting, many of the great cars outside it don’t get a chance to enter it. This

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Massive sale increase for Toyota despite the recall issues

It would appear that the recent blow to Toyota’s image was just a hurt ego as the company has managed a year on year increase of 41% from 132,802 to 186,863 cars moved in the US. The Japanese market has also seen a considerable increase of 51%. The main reason behind this sales phenomenon is

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