June 15, 2024

Massive sale increase for Toyota despite the recall issues

Toyota Logo

It would appear that the recent blow to Toyota’s image was just a hurt ego as the company has managed a year on year increase of 41% from 132,802 to 186,863 cars moved in the US. The Japanese market has also seen a considerable increase of 51%.

Toyota Logo
Toyota Logo

The main reason behind this sales phenomenon is the appropriate application of sale incentives to the current market. The discount leases and interest free loans have made a great difference to the records and the fact that people still buy Toyotas even against the less then excellent current conditions.

There is also another important factor that has also been highlighted by Don Esmond, senior vice president of automotive operations for Toyota Motor Sales in the US and that factor is the fact that Toyota is still a brand that people trust and its products are among those that still envision reliability and safety.

The sales figures are a great success but they don’t change the fact that the US Department of Transportation is imposing a fine posting $16.3 million, maximum allowed for such conditions as a warning for the accelerator issues that have lead to the massive recall.

Toyota is yet to announce their status on the fine as will they be agreeing to or disputing it.

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