April 12, 2024

Hot Dacia Duster Reaches Indian Showroom

A hot Dacia Duster model has just been seen at an Indian auto showroom, with the SUV being capable of attracting a lot of curious eyes. The Dacia Duster seen here, was specially customized by an Indian businessman, with the sole purpose of attracting more clients into his showroom. We are looking thus at a

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Mercedes Tuning

The dark side of the Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing

German tuning firm Kicherer decided to have a go at Stuttgart’s latest super coupe, the SLS AMG Gullwing and I rather like it. The new creation doesn’t really go a long way away from the original yet the image it provides is totally different.

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Audi Tuning

Photos and details about Audi Q7 tuned by ENCO Exclusive

Here we talk about a tuning for Audi Q7 also full named as Audi Q7 by ENCO Exclusive. I don’t remember the last time we talked about a tuning package from Audi not talking about a tuning package for Audi Q7 but in the past time there are some cool tunings for some SUVs.

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