May 24, 2024
Aston Martin Maybach

Aston Martin still negotiating Maybach’s saving

Even though it’s been a serious while since we’ve heard the original rumors about Maybach and Aston Martin working together it’s only today that we find something official from the two. Of the very few British and German collaborations worth noting, as far as the automotive spectrum is concerned, they’ve generally been successful, so there’s

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Saab Spyker

Spyker looking for a partner to aid production of a modern SAAB 92

Should Spyker CEO Victor Muller get his way, the newest addition to SAAB’s automobile range with a new small car inspired by the Swedish firm’s past as the teardrop shaped SAAB 92 model of the 1950s. Muller revealed that his company is in talks with automakers to share technology and a platform for the modern-day

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