May 22, 2024

Ferrari FF offers up the option of a Winter Driving Course

With a manufacturer like Ferrari, the cars are so expensive and bought by such high end customers that really, there’s very little room for error or disappointing them. This is why, despite not having the “mandatory” 2.0 liter diesel option, Ferrari’s option lists tend to be incredibly long and allow customers to fully tailor their

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Jeep Wrangler customers love colored roof option

The Jeep Wrangler is a monumental car with styling cues on today’s model stretching as far back as the 1940s and therefore design changes aren’t always welcome by fans. A recent decision that implies giving Jeep Wrangler buyers of our times the option of having a body-colored roof isn’t one to complain about. Jeep’s sales

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2012 BMW M5 can be all wheel drive

Before purists and //M fanatics start carpet bombing my house, do note that the title is not a definite. It seems like the Bavarians have another surprise in store for those who are interested in the 2012 BMW M5, they are working on a special drivetrain option.

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Seat’s Alhambra gets all wheel drive option

Provided your feeling some family size pressure and you’re now considering a minivan, you may be pleased to know how Seat’s Alhambra just got a really tasty option added to the mix. The latest model of the Seat multi-purpose people carrier fill it up with stuff Alhambra gets the latest four wheel drive system available

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Land Rover

Land Rover may offer a front wheel drive car

You may remember the Land Rover LRX concept from a while back and how the September of 2009 brought news of a debut this year and a production availability scheduled for 2011. This set of news from Land Rover isn’t quite interesting as nothing really important is coming with that but there is a bit

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