May 24, 2024

Suzuki’s SX4 gets a special edition for Germany

One car maker really can’t afford to ignore Germany’s car market and therefore special editions of cars are made for it every time. The latest such thing comes from Suzuki and focuses on their little SX4 crossover and it features some of the most discrete changes ever made to a production car.

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Honda Tuning

Honda’s Civic becomes more of a Touring Car

The Japanese at Honda have clearly realized that the British are getting rather bored about their offerings in the United Kingdom. It’s this assessment that made Honda release a BTCC inspired tuning kit for the Civic. Sadly, in their infinite wisdom they decided to make this kit a limited edition.

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Cadillac CTS-V, now available in Black Diamond Edition

The Americans at Cadillac came up with quite an interesting package to offer along with any CTS-V they sell. Sadly, they took some inspiration in naming it (rather poorly) relatively similar to what Porsche call their latest version of the Boxster. The package is called Black Diamond Edition and while that’s not exactly a marketing

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