May 23, 2024

Mini Lifestyle offerings

It seems that the British over at Mini have quite a bit of fun selling stuff and making money off that. After their launch of an electric scooter they have now gone completely mad with a new product lineup. Don’t worry it’s not a new vehicle with a wacky idea such as an electric powered

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Classics Ferrari

1963 Ferrari 250 GTO worth nearly 20 million dollars

This title is not fake, while most of us still haven’t managed to make it of the recession properly others are able to spend immense amounts of money on classic cars. The classic in question this time is a gorgeous 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO  and the price tag placed on it comes in at nearly

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Chrysler General Motors

President Obama stated the auto industry bailout was paid off

President Barack Obama said that the bailouts that the government funded for the American automotive industry had paid off. The announcement made it to the public via the president’s Web address last Saturday.

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