April 19, 2024

Caterham to expand range by 2020

Know a bit of history? Then you probably know that’s the place where you find about 95% of the British motoring industry. Few companies survive and of those that do, most specialize in small track day cars that almost never have any use outside a closed stretch of tarmac. Caterham is one of them, they’ve

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Volvo introduces V60 Plug-in Hybrid

The Swedish at Volvo are doing much better than their counterparts over at Saab and here they come now unveiling a new model. What’s particularly interesting about the brand new model they’ve unveiled is that despite it being a rather boring older model outside, it’s a completely new idea inside. The Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid

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Tesla’s Model S to fight the BMW M5

The American EV specialized company Tesla isn’t exactly known for it’s reliable word, timely deliveries or even reliable products. Even so, they don’t exactly seem to shy away from the big statements about their upcoming models. Just in case you weren’t already fed up with their smug ideas here’s another one about the Tesla Model

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Acura TSX range gets a price tag

After unveiling the new special edition and sporty version of the Acura TSX, Honda’s luxury brand decided to get a little more serious and business like by announcing a new price range. It includes the Acura TSX Sedan, the TSX Sport Wagon and even the above mentioned special edition as well. Quite the surprise available

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Ram Long-Hauler Concept truck properly showcased

Technically, Ram is supposed to be the Chrysler Group’s trucking brand but I find that hard to digest when so far they were only doing pickups. With the Ram Long-Hauler Concept coming along, some hope started to come along, and as I can now see it as a their commercial division to the point where

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Chevrolet General Motors

GM praises Chevrolet Volt total range

Feeling like the Chevrolet Volt has captured the public’s attention lately, GM came up with a new scheme to get some extra media coverage. Since there isn’t really that much going for it, the focus fell onto the fuel economy and range the Volt can manage.

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BMW i range could get a range extender

The Bavarians are pretty keen on their electric range, the i fellowship but good as they may be, they still suffer from the same real world problems. This is why BMW is currently considering adding some range extender devices to the i3 and whatever other pipeline products.

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Luxury Cars Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce’s electric 102EX featured in Geneva

We were told it was coming, we even had a preview of the Rolls Royce 102 EX and with the Geneva Motor Show starting for 2011, we finally got to meet it. Yes, boys and girls, the battery powered version of the Rolls Royce Phantom has come among us. Well, in concept form at least

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Concept Cars

Trabant nT delayed due to shortage of funds

Some enthusiast East Germans, and East Europeans for that matter, were chuffed to bits a while back when Herpa announced that they would be bringing back the Trabant brand. With a new iteration as the Trabant nT, Herpa promised a new EV car with an older nostalgic effect.

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BMW’s Megacity range gets registered

It’s not the first time we hear about BMW’s plans, ideas and hopes for their Megacity lineup. It probably won’t be the last time we hear about it either. The latest on the Bavarian’s inner city oriented vehicles comes from the Internet and it tells us about how busy BMW have been in the legal

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Auto Shows Mitsubishi

L.A. 2010: 40 years of development on the Mitsubishi i

A while back, Chevrolet tried to do away with the whole “Chevy” idea. That didn’t really go along very well but here’s Mitsubishi preparing this car for the U.S. and calling it the “i”. I find it just about as amusing as the “Chevy” situation because that’s the Mitsubishi i-MiEV with some vinyl covers added

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Land Rover

A hybrid electric Range Rover Sport

Land Rover have announced they will be putting its first dedicated hybrid model into production in 2013 and the car will be based on the Range Rover Sport. The Range Rover Sport hybrid prototype (at the moment) in question is named Range_e and previews the diesel-electric hybrid power/drive train the rest of the world should be

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Geely IG may cost less than Tata Nano

Chinese car maker Geely Automobile came to the Beijing Motor Show with a concept car entitled IG. Now they claim that the eventual production version of the IG is a contender for the title of world’s cheapest car.

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