April 17, 2024
Concept Cars Hyundai Manufacturing / Production

Report: Hyundai’s Hydrogen Sports Car: A Retro Revival on the Horizon

Introduction Hyundai, an important player in the automotive industry, seems to be looking back in time to shape its future. Insider reports suggest that they are considering bringing to life the dismissed concept of a retro hydrogen sports car inspired by the N Vision 74. If all goes well, this powerful vehicle could hit the

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Chevrolet Muscle Cars Tuning

Lingenfelter’s Chevrolet Camaro lusts for retro

Chevrolet’s Camaro is not exactly a retro looking muscle car. Unless you’re willing to consider 2007 from another age that doesn’t really happen. Dodge’s Challenger is where you want to go for such a desire and, in a couple of years or so, the Ford Mustang won’t be any good either. But what if you

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Classics Muscle Cars Shelby

Classic Recreations presents the Shelby G.T.350CR

If there’s something that never dies in the world of car fan currents, it’s the retro fad and that’s most of the reason why we keep seeing new “launches” that come from the past. The latest in such a line is (yet) another recreation of the 1965 Ford Mustang that gets a new Shelby badge,

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Ford Thunderbird revived as a Hardtop Roadster

In fairness, while the title may excite some, it’s not completely accurate the long line of T-Birds is pretty much done for. While this is a sketch for now, it is most likely that it will remain a sketch forever as Ford has no official plans on it.

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