May 17, 2024

Honda Civic Type R spied at Nurburgring

When it comes to talking about Honda 90% of automotive connoisseurs will say that it’s a great company fallen on hard times which is now struggling for a comeback. There is a substantial amount of truth in that statement and the Honda Civic, one of their bread & butter creations is possibly the best proof

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CSR Automotive VW Scirocco revealed

So what if the VW Scirocco is a good looking car, it could always be a ruined a bit by some weird tuner you’ve never heard of couldn’t it? That was my first thought about what CSR Automotive could have done with the VW Scirocco but despite the wide array of changes it haven’t lost

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Jaguar Tuning

Jaguar XKR-S brings some lack of style to Geneva

The Geneva Motor Show is one of the most dramatic and most important events of the automotive world of 2011. Despite that, Jaguar decided they can be a bit tacky in their stand. Even though I tend to like Jaaaags, this version of the Jaguar XKR the British plan to unveil in Geneva simply looks

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