April 21, 2024
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New Teaser of 2017 Alpine Sports Car Is Out

The French car manufacturer Alpine has recently released a second teaser video with its upcoming sports car, which will be dubbed for the moment the “A120”. The video is highlighting the car`s rear diffuser and other interesting aero parts. Set to come with an evolutionary design that will separate it from the rest of the

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Dodge Muscle Cars Videos

Video: Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Unleashed on the Grattan Raceway

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat unveiled a few months ago, was recently seen in a new video, showcasing the sports car while taking its position on the Grattan Raceway. The most powerful road car in the world, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, with the one and only Ralph Gilles behind the wheel, is on a

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Alfa Romeo Mazda

Official: Mazda MX-5 will become an Alfa Romeo

Not since the days of the Axis have people gotten so excited about a collaboration between the Italians and the Japanese. A new such collaboration was achieved officially and it’s better than before. Fortunately for everybody, world domination isn’t really part of the discussion this time. It’s actually domination of the compact sports car segment.

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Nissan to make a baby 370Z very soon

With the Toyota GT86, Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ hitting the market and bringing back our attention to small affordable sports cars, Nissan don’t want to be left out. They’ve actually announced the desire to compete against such vehicles a bit of a while back. It was a few months ago but quiet has set

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Subaru BRZ STI coming soon but missing something

It was day one. We had just found out about how incredibly interesting Toyobaru coupe was being developed we were hoping they wouldn’t mess it up. They didn’t. Both Toyota and Subaru came up with a great sports car and it is a product of very easy to love engineering levels. One slight niggle about

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2014 Audi TT promises to go back to roots

It’s easy to be thrilled by the idea that a manufacturer announces an effort to turn back time and create a new model which returns to its roots. This happens because for the most part we’re nostalgic folks and also because most of us regard older cars as better than the heavy and sanitized ones

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Renault Alpine Berlinette to be developed alongside Caterham

Renault’s current financial situation isn’t really the sexiest one to be in at the moment. If they mess it up again there’s a lot of bankers and politicians to disappoint. Moving away from this uncomfortable subject, Renault seem to be keeping their plans for the sportiest of divisions on track. RenaultSport will still become an

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Maserati GranCabrio MC Stradale unveiled

The Italians have jumped into the Paris pre-show bandwagon and they’ve done so with what’s one of their most interesting tweaks of their most capable cars. A Maserati GranTurismo is a thing of beauty, noise and luxury. A GranTurismo MC Stradale is something that adds speed to the equation and on top of that there’s

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Gumpert files for bankruptcy

The current economical climate does seem to have hit the automotive enthusiasts with above average income quite hard recently. Even though every company in the world seems to be making a highly luxurious product nowadays and every high end brand is getting increased sales, Gumpert isn’t so fortunate. The German high end performance car maker

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Chevrolet Videos

Celebration: 60 years of the Chevrolet Corvette

Over the years there have been many attempts at making the American supercar. Truth be told, some were actually quite good. In a supercar world at least, that’s not too relevant since it has to be crazy in one way or another and be loaded with sex appeal. Chevrolet’s Corvette manages to do just that

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Caterham to offer new sports car

Anser Ali, the head of Caterham Cars just came forward with a set of interesting words that were beautifully mixed together within a press release. The company he’s in charge of will be creating a new sports car. It will be out by 2015 and it has something very special about itself. Unlike just about

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Scion FR-S officially unveiled

Being the “third” version of the Subaru-Toyota alliance for the rear wheel drive sports coupe they’ve been pondering for a few years now, you’d think the Scion FR-S isn’t very important. That couldn’t be more wrong as the Scion FR-S version is going to have to shoulder the burden of being Scion’s sporty presence in

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Auto Shows Honda

Honda EV-STER Concept unveiled in Tokyo

As the Tokyo Motor Show opens up its gates, the Japanese have already started showing us what the technologically obsessed folk can do. First up the Honda EV-STER Concept got its first unveiling and it is a stunning EV, one that’s very desirable, perhaps more than the Tesla Model S. Unlike the American roadster, the

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Skoda decides against small sports car

Even though Skoda is one of the manufacturers on an seriously improving trend lately and their desire to add more models to their lineup, the news isn’t great. No matter how many rumors come about or how much we want it, the Czech company isn’t going to be making a new small sports car. It’s

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Opel wants to fight Fiat 500 and Mini

Despite coming out of a pretty bad going financial situation, being caught between the GM rock and the German government hardplace, Opel still has dreams and ambitions about the future. The first and probably of most crucial importance as far as short term sightings are concerned is how Opel wants to surprise the crowds at

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Alfa Romeo

Rumor: Alfa Romeo 4C could get more versions

There’s a bit of a rumor going around these last few days about what could pretty much be the best modern car Alfa Romeo ever made, the 4C. It seems like the big family that is Fiat may want to take the new baby Alfa love and spread it around to with other members such

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Luxury Cars Rolls Royce

1926 Rolls Royce Phantom 10EX up for auction

The 1920s weren’t known as the “roaring twenties” for no reason. It was a decade when even Rolls Royce was considering making a sports car. They may have dropped the plan, but the prototype was built in 1926 and came to be known as the Rolls Royce Phantom 10EX. That very car, is going to

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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo’s U.S. return to be helped along by the 4C GTA

The Italians at Alfa Romeo came up with a promise to make a return to the U.S. market but since then, they’ve been seriously taking their time to do so. Our latest of news see them pushing the date back to 2013, don’t worry though, there is some softener with that blow.

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Chevrolet Corvette sales get back on their feet

Even tho’ the Chevrolet Corvette is a pretty capable machine, the recent crisis of the automotive industry and the problem of rising fuel costs have really hit it hard. Therefore, the fastest American made production car has been steadily dropping sales for several months but it seems 2011 brought a change in trends.

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Abarth Fiat Tuning

Abarth’s mid engine creation will be an in house job

Not so long ago, in fact sometime in the middle of summer, Fiat’s in house tuning company announced that they want to build their own sports car. The Fiat tuner decided they want to build an Abarth mid engine sports car because they reckon they can do it better than anybody else.

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