April 22, 2024
Featured Hyundai Videos

Test Drive: MotorWeek Takes New 2019 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Out for a Quick Spin

Among Hyundai`s top notch models, the Veloster is considered the best one, as it comes with advanced aerodynamics and quite impressive performance under the hood. It is rather a small hatch with incredible speed and worthy sprint. However, there is also the Turbo and the N variant with more power than the standard one. The

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New Porsche Cayenne Turbo Test Drive in Greece

It’s no secret that one of the most well known Porsche models in the more recent history of car manufacturing is the Porsche Cayenne. Whether its popularity is the result of a well thought mix or a simple coincidence, the fact is Porsche decided to refresh the already aged Cayenne design. The car looks very

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Nissan Other News

Don Forman Las Vegas Car Dealers Guide To Buying A Nissan From Forman Nissan in Tustin

If you are someone looking for a new Nissan and remember the name Don Forman of Las Vegas then you may just want to head a little further west to the Tustin, California area, then head straight to Don Forman in Tustin California. This principal Nissan dealer has remained a favorite in the area for

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Ford Muscle Cars Videos

2016 Ford Mustang Test Drive by Autocar, Video Released

The 2016 Ford Mustang is being already available for orders in Europe, but Autocar took its time and decided to take the supercar out for a spin, releasing a video which showcases the real performance of the American muscle car. We are talking about a test drive carried out by Matt Prior, who reveals in

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Porsche Videos

Video: Autocar Takes Porsche Cayman GT4 Out for a Spin

The newly unveiled Porsche Cayman GT4 at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show has been recently reviewed by Matt Prior in a test drive carried out by Autocar online auto magazine. The test is showcased through a video as well, which highlights the sports car`s driving dynamics and performance on the track. With no further introduction,

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BMW Videos

Chris Harris Reviews BMW M3 Sedan

The hot BMW M3 was recently reviewed by famous auto journalist Chris Harris in a video, which also highlights the impressive performance on the German sports car. Everybody is talking about the BMW M3 Sedan and the M4 Coupe, with the first one to end up in our news again, this time in a test

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BMW M6 Gran Coupe – Road & Track Test

Thanks to the guys from Road and Track, we get the chance to see how a BMW M6 Gran Coupe actually works on rough real speed testing. So read on and you will find out that the numbers are quite catchy! Long story short, they used a BMW M6 Gran Coupe with a manual changing

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Jaguar LA runs ambitious publicity stunt

Jaguar is a British brand, so selling in the UK isn’t a problem, their cars are are reasonably good and helped along by the patriotism of the UK motorists. In the U.S. however, British brands don’t really have that powerful a brand image and a reasonably good car isn’t really enough to impress.

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Nissan is offering 500 test-drive invitations for the Leaf

Nissan isn’t giving their marketing and development team any break as they have just released a set of 500 invitations to a test drive of the Leaf in Japan. The Nissan Leaf will be the world’s first mass-production electric car and will be available for testing at the plant in Oppama, Japan as part of

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