April 24, 2024

Toyota teases a new concept for Geneva

Mind you, when I say new, I sometimes tend to exaggerate the sort of attribute that relates to age. While this is a new concept that’s being prepared for the Geneva Motor Show, it’s callled the Toyota FT-86 II.

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Rhys Millen vows to bring Pikes Peak record back to the family

The Millen family has a very proud history at Pikes Peak, perhaps only second to the Unser family and even at that it’s still amazing. You may remember that Rod Millen got several class records on that Colorado mountain over the years but one stood out in particular.

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Toyota Videos

VIDEO: Toyota FT-86 G Sport

Although Toyota has not released yet on the market the model from the FT-86 concept, the Japanese manufacturer has already made its sports version. After the last year Auto Show in Tokyo, Toyota introduced the FT-86 concept, which will result the series model which will replace the Celica, the Japanese have already launched a more

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