May 23, 2024
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Chevrolet Colorado Sport Concept ready to Face 2014 SEMA Motor Show

The Chevrolet North American based carmaker is ready to launch the long-expected Colorado Sport Concept at the 2014 SEMA Motor Show. At the show, the Chevrolet Colorado Sport Concept is announced to wonder its audience, with a one-off design and interesting features it packs for an off-road pickup. Tony Johnson, the marketing manager at Chevrolet,

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2014 Toyota Tundra Platinum 4×4

The Toyota car manufacturer has recently unveiled its Tundra Platinum 4×4, a sub-truck brand that promises to deliver off-road abilities and performances. Yet, the Tundra doesn’t really win the title of the leader in the truck industry, but may be still on its customers` shopping list with its big and dominating looks. In terms of

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Roush sharpens up Ford F-150 pickup

Roush is the sort of tuner that you pretty much naturally associate with Ford and their sporty models like the Mustang or, a long time ago, the GT supercar. With that in mind, when they announce some tweaking of one Blue Oval product it’s not that big a deal or surprise. This announcement however is

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Ram Long-Hauler Concept truck properly showcased

Technically, Ram is supposed to be the Chrysler Group’s trucking brand but I find that hard to digest when so far they were only doing pickups. With the Ram Long-Hauler Concept coming along, some hope started to come along, and as I can now see it as a their commercial division to the point where

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Porsche TranSport Pickup truck

This new Porsche design study/concept/styling exercise thing doesn’t really seem to be featuring any of the German company’s trademarks and that’s because it’s not done by Porsche. What this actually is, is another brainchild of designer Nouphone J. Bansasine who you may remember from the latest article on the Volvo SC90 4-door coupe.

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Mahindra pickups won’t see U.S. soil until December

It would seem that people who were waiting for the small diesel pickups made in India will have to keep on waiting as their launch date has been pushed back to December 2010. This is the fourth time these pickups are postponed and the original American launch date has now grown past an year’s delay

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Chrysler Hyundai

Hyundai ends rumors of Ram based pickup

The recent rumor in circulation about Hyundai’s intentions on a full sized pickup based around the Dodge Ram have been put to sleep by the Korean company itself. In a recent announcement, the South Korean-based automaker firmly denied the story through an official statement made by the company’s U.S. division.

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General Motors

General Motors April sales count raises

More news from Detroit as General Motors has just announced better sales figures for this month when compared to last year’s April disastrous sales. Mind you, while this April 2010 has better sales than April 2009 it’s still 2% down on March 2010.

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Chrysler reports profits

Chrysler Group LLC has just revealed its latest figures and the most interesting one available is the operating profit margin that reaches 143 million dollars. The other interesting figure they published refers to the positive cash flow and the total of 8.9 billion dollars they have available.

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Toyota Hilux proves itself again

A world wide renown pickup truck since the first time it was made, the Toyota Hilux has always had workplaces in some of the toughest conditions known to man. Whether they carry Top Gear‘s crew to the North Pole, run down Australia’s Outback or ferry guerilla forces against the UN Armies the Hilux has become

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2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty

2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty can enter the top 10 of my favorite cars and it’s not the single one because I love the 4×4 trucks because they are way too useful but at the same time, they can reach high speeds and are also very good looking so you can use such a car

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